Friday, February 06, 2015

Moving On To A New Line Of Articles

I began the current series of articles by proposing to visit hamburger restaurants around the city of Houston and report about our experiences. These articles were to detail actual trips my son and I made and the food we consumed. We made those trips and I wrote a couple of articles about the first two places where we ate. But in the process of preparing a third article detailing our experience at the next stop I became convicted about two things.

First, I am overweight, and not by a small about. Recreational consumption of food is a huge problem in the United States - for me personally and for millions of our fellow citizens. Meanwhile, much of the world goes hungry. We eat for entertainment. They eat only to survive. That's not right. I'm not a Catholic but the Catholic catechism defines gluttony as a mortal sin. That is as true today as it has ever been.

Second, not all the food we ate was of equal quality. All of it was good, but some was better than others. However, each of the people operating the restaurants we visited worked quite diligently to earn a living. They need all the customers they can get and don't need someone criticizing their work.

So, I'm not going to finish the current series of articles. Instead, I'm going to focus on not eating so much. If you enjoy hamburgers and are curious about which kind is best, take a trip around your own city or town and decide for yourself. As for me, I'm pushing myself toward salad and apples.