Sunday, July 16, 2017

We Face A Test

Refugees, immigrants, minorities, and the poor do not present a threat to us. But our response does. If we as Christians embark on a political, social, or personal path that ignores them, turns them aside, casts them back to the despair from which they have fled, then we harden our hearts to their cry and to the cry of the Holy Spirit. And when we do that, we cease to be the Church, cease to be a body of Believers, cease to be Believers at all.

For us, the issue of how to address the disadvantaged people of the world is a test. One that poses the question, do we really believe what Jesus said, and are we really committed to living in obedience to Him, or have we reduced His words and life to a collection of religious tenets to which we merely give mental assent? One offers the way to life. The other leads only to death - theirs and ours.

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